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A Show of Hands by Rush

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There are so many fantastic Rush albums, but as a Rush fan, I never felt like “A Show Of Hands” got the recognition it truly deserved. The first time I heard this album I actually watched it on VHS in 1990. I was already a fan, but watching this show made me want to go out and buy all of their albums.

I get that a lot of Rush fans probably prefer the era of Rush where there were less keyboards. I would tend to agree with them, but this era also generated some great tunes like Big Money, Subdivisions, Turn The Page, Manhattan Project, Mission, Distant Warning, Force Ten, Time Stand Still, and Red Sector A.

If there’s a ding on this album, it would be that the band stuck to this particular era of tunes and didn’t dip into their treasure trove of classics. I respect that they stuck to their guns and didn’t feel the need to appease fans by playing the classics, but they did end the album with “Closer To The Heart”. I love the part of that tune where they break it down at around 2:30, and then Geddy Lee plays an insane bass lick at around 2:42. If you watch the video, the three of them are having so much fun, especially around 3:46 when they all come back in together. I suggest watching it if you the chance.

This isn’t a live album to celebrate Rush’s greatest hits, but it’s a great album worthy to be a part of anyone’s playlist and/or collection.

R.I.P. Neil.

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