I’m just going to say it. The Packers aren’t very good. There is definitely some talent on that team, and they should be doing much better than they are, but they just aren’t very good right now. Where do I even start?

Green Bay has arguably the deepest receiver corp in the NFL. Jennings has been hurt, but that is no excuse for their play. Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Randall Cobb should have shredded a Colts secondary that was missing their top two starters. They simply couldn’t get open, and if they did, there was no guarantee they were going to hold onto the ball. If one more receiver drops a pass, I am going to scream. I think it’s time to bench Jermichael Finley. Jermichael is an incredible athlete, but his hands are awful.

Aaron Rodgers
He doesn’t look like the reigning MVP from last season. He’s not hitting the long ball anymore, and correct me if I’m wrong, his passion seems gone. I don’t know if he’s too busy thinking about his next “discount double check” commercial, or what, but he’s not even a top 10 quarterback right now. What is missing, he needs to find it, and quick.

The defense only has one or two players that make any type of impact; those being Clay Matthews, BJ Raji, and Tramon Williams. They are really missing some playmakers like Desmond Bishop, Cullen Jenkins, and Nick Collins. AJ Hawk is playing with more intensity this year, but he is still average at best, and it’s time for Ted Thompson to realize that fact. Nick Perry and Jerel Worthy have made almost no impact. Like last season, the pass rush, outside of Matthews, has been non-existant, which is leaving the secondary out to dry. Sam Shields is tackling better this year, but he’s, at best, a nickel corner. Woodson’s hall of fame career is over. Charles is consistently out of position, and simply can’t cover anymore, but he’s smart, so he sticks for now. The safeties are average at best. A good 3-4 defense has got to have a Nick Collins or a Troy Polamalu, and they don’t have anything close to that. It’s going to be another year or two before TT can restock this defense, but he also has holes to fill on offense.

Changes Are Coming
I think you’re going to see a slightly different looking Packers’ team next season. The offense will relatively remain this same, but Jennings and Driver will be gone. Jennings wants too much money and he can’t stay healthy, and Driver isn’t bringing enough to the table and doesn’t play special teams. If Starks can’t turn it around, and stay healthy, he might also be gone next year. Cedric Benson has made it very clear the Packers are lacking talent at the running back position. I also think TT needs start thinking about new starting center, and my guess is Saturday will retire after this season anyway. As far as defense is concerned, I think TT will stay put with this young group of cornerbacks and safeties, but Woodson might be gone. I also think it’s time to cut AJ Hawk or provide him with some legitimate competition. I think another defensive lineman and/or outside linebacker to push players like Perry, Worthy, and Daniels would be wise.

Let’s hope McCarthy can steer this ship around.

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