Unfortunately, I was out and about yesterday at about 10:00pm, and actually couldn’t get home because of the weather. I had to borrow a friend’s vehicle with 4-wheel drive so I could get home to let my dog out. During that almost two hours of travel, I didn’t see a single snowplow. There were probably 5-6+ inches of snow on the beltline, and even more on sidestreets. There were cars in the ditches everywhere, and ton of cars hung up on the snow. I saw one car hung up in the middle of County M and Midtown Rd., which is a busy intersection. He had stopped at the red light, and then couldn’t get enough momentum to get going again. Again, where were the snowplows? At that point, I didn’t expect to see any snowplows on the side roads, but they SHOULD have been hitting the main roads, like say THE BELTLINE.

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